17 March 2013

News Report: Depardieu Left France Because ‘It Is Sad’

Amazingly, this image is not photoshopped.
(Depardieu appeared on Russian TV with some folk dancers.)

BRUSSELS -- In an exclusive interview with Belgian television, actor Gérard Depardieu this weekend explained the reasons behind his recent, highly publicized decision to exile himself from his native France and to take up residence in Russia, complete with a Russian passport.

Best known for playing extremely large men in dozens of successful films, Depardieu denied that his decision had anything to do with higher taxes under the administration of French President François Holland, or indeed with any “financial reasons.”

“It’s above all the lack of energy,” Depardieu told a reporter from the Belgian Notélé channel. “France is sad, and I think that the French are fed up with it. The lack of conviction … I have the impression that these people [the government] don’t know how to do their jobs.”

Russia is, by contrast, “a very happy place, where everyone in government does his job extremely well,” Depardieu said. “Since I came here, I have seen nothing but happy people, and I like happy people. What’s more, the very highest leaders of the government — up to and including President Vladimir Putin — always have time to take my calls or to welcome me when I drop by for a glass of tea. What a country!”

Depardieu recently purchased a dacha in the village of Potemkin. He expressed some regret that the Russian president has nothing to do with the tasty Québécois dish poutine, though the name is spelled the same in French. However, he said, “I intend to make the best of things, exactly the same as everybody else in this wonderful country.”

Average citizens Depardieu and Putin.

“Really! The finest caviar in the world, and it is everywhere!” Depardieu told the reporter. “People just give it to you by the gallon when they meet you, instead of shaking your hand! And I can hardly take two steps without somebody handing me a Fabergé egg. This makes for an unusual omelette, but I’m getting used to the flavor.”

For several decades, French filmmakers have been required by law (known as “l’exception Gérard”) to hire Depardieu, solidifying his position as France’s largest export by far. As of last year, analysts estimated that he had appeared in roughly 37 percent of all movies ever made in France. He hopes to continue making movies now that he lives in Russia, he says, though roles may be limited due to his lack of familiarity with the language. Some of his other cultural activities may be curtailed, too, he said.

“To give you an example, for many years, as a public service, I have been attempting to prove that there is absolutely nothing wrong with foie gras,” Depardieu said. “I do this primarily by force-feeding myself, precisely as a farmer would force-feed a goose, and as you can see, I have suffered no ill effects whatsoever.”

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Anne said...

FUNNY... particularly “l’exception Gérard” lol...But you know I believe him when he says it's not the money...well not only the money. This is like Charlton Heston going to the gun people. These old guys have GOT to go where they still make a fuss over you. It's like moths to a flame.

Tell me you have a collection of forbidden Ratherisms...that would seem a natural.

There was one election ( 2004?) where there was more Ratherisms than reporting and it became a self parody....I do remember something about shirt tails on fire? or a back door? lol