24 July 2013

Weiner: ‘My Career as a High-Priced Call Girl Is Completely Behind Me’

The man who would be mayor:
Seeking a happy ending to his mission.

NEW YORK -- In his most recent hastily assembled press conference, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner denied that he continued to work as a high-priced call girl even after the prostitution scandal in 2008 that brought down former Governor Eliot Spitzer, who is running for city comptroller.

“I told you that there would probably be more revelations before Election Day, and I was right,” Weiner told reporters. “I have been completely honest with you. Some of the things that have been said about my career as a call girl are true, and some aren’t.”

Adding that he prefers the term “sex worker,” Weiner described the Emperors Club VIP, an elite escort service, as “really not that bad, and nothing that open-minded New Yorkers can’t handle.”

Weiner called the press conference after reports surfaced that he worked with the Emperors Club beginning in February 2005, the start of his fourth term as U.S. Representative (Democratic) from New York’s 9th congressional district.

Using the pseudonym “Delilah Cachet,” he reportedly came under scrutiny but was not charged in investigations by the IRS and FBI that led to the resignation of Spitzer, known as “Client-9.”

“As mayor and comptroller of the great city of New York, Eliot and I can work well together, as we have so often in the past,” Weiner said.

“New Yorkers know we’ll put everything we’ve got into all the jobs, big and small, that come our way, for as long as it takes,” Weiner continued. “With our combined experience, we know all the ins and outs.”

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, took the microphone briefly, telling reporters, “Fitzgerald was wrong: there are second acts in American lives, and also in politics. It’s just that some of those acts are awkward, sometimes unnatural, and sometimes you have to pay for them.”

Weiner declined to say when he stopped working as an escort, but insisted that “This is completely behind me. And even if, you know, some sort of hardcore pornographic video released commercially under the title Erected Officials should turn up in the next few weeks — just a random hypothetical here — I know that the great people of this city understand what really matters in a mayoral candidate, and what doesn’t.”

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Anne said...

it was not the stupid photos it was the idiocy of sending them of course lol

F.Scott Fitzgerald said there are no 2nd acts in American lives...

This is a good example

But to me Weiner is not supposed to get anywhere. Weiner's job, straight up, is to cause a distraction .

imo He has been simply hired to suggest to people Dems are not to be trusted

Much as the NJ governor years ago who came out as a " proud gay American man "

Which was great...but every election for a time afterwards he would also makes a noises much like this ...I think the last time he announced he was entering the Priesthood... that is, hired to mush hot buttons during an election for the Man.

Here Weiner has been hired to make page 6 copy the news rather than letting any of the difficult actual issues facing NYC come to the fore

The news is a parade royal babies and has beens so we don't notice both left and right elite as one screwing the rest of us .

It'd bread and circuses with a new wrinkle for the 21st cent. ...no bread