09 March 2008

That Old Feeling

Happy Feet

It’s the little things a guy does that keep the relationship fresh. It’s been seven long years, but just when I think I am so over George Bush, he’ll find a way to give me that old feeling again.

Unfortunately, that feeling is outrage. But it’s a rainy Sunday morning in Paris, and I’d like to focus on something more cheerful.

The photographs above were taken last week when President Bush gave John McCain his endorsement. Apparently McCain is ambivalent about the support, because he kept the President of the United States waiting for several minutes. (Gotta love McCain. He’s living the dream, for all of us.*) A lesser man might have lost his temper, or gone off and signed some legislation until McCain was ready to roll. Not George Bush. He broke into a little dance.

What went unreported was the song to which Bush’s little performance was choreographed. I have a few theories:
“Call Me Irresponsible”
“I Ran So Far Away”
“Shake Me, Wake Me When It’s Over”
“We Didn’t Start the Fire”
"I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt”

If you have any ideas, please write to tell me. I’ll post any ones that make me laugh out loud.

*UPDATE: McCain’s ambivalence has persisted. As of Monday, 10 March, his campaign website still made no reference to Bush’s endorsement. Sorta like he doesn’t want to be reminded of it.