12 February 2009


She gave me the ooh-la-la.

Quite a lot has been going on, about which I would very much like to comment. However, such has been my schedule that I have no time to write, and such my level of distraction that I have little of interest to say. In the interest of timeliness, however, I make the following observations.

Blossom Dearie has died at the age of 82. I refer you to this blog entry, in which I attempt to describe the pleasure of hearing her at play.

Madeline Lee Gilford is mentioned in an article in The New York Times regarding the Greenwich Village restaurant Tortilla Flats and its annual Ernest Borgnine Look-Alike contest, which she proudly won on three occasions. If you look in the photo that accompanies the article, you can see her headshot, at center, on the wall behind the two rank impostors, and here I’ve provided you with this handy thumbnail, as well, so that you can admire her without all that distraction. Since the Times paid scant heed to Madeline’s passing, in April, it’s nice to see her getting a little extra recognition now, in the paper of record.

This is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. Let me state, without equivocation, that I am very glad he was born.

For some days, I have been in a) an airplane, b) recovering from being in an airplane, 3) without Internet, or 4) on the Internet, but with only a French keyboard to use. This, how you say, suck.

I note that, upon my rentrée, my French hasn’t suffered as much as one might expect, after seven weeks in New York. My accent is remarkably unaffected, and the rapidity of my speech seems pretty good. I’m unable to find my vocabulary, however — in English or in French. I don’t know how to account for that.

That’s about it. Fascinating, no? So much for keeping current. Yet if I don’t post, will anyone visit my blog?

And remember, this Valentine’s, to reach out and touch the one you love.
(If you’re lucky, she might let you touch the other one, too.)

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