30 October 2010

Time-Travelling Chaplin?

Can you hear me now?
Photo from FOX News

Recently, a number of news outlets were disappointed to report that a woman seen in a film clip from 1928 is probably not talking on a 21st-century cellular telephone, and therefore is probably not a time-traveller. Even some leading scientists were at first misled by the film, since experts believe that only a civilization far more advanced than our own will ever be capable of getting reliable Verizon service.

Despite learning that the woman in the clip is probably using a hearing aid, not a cell phone, hard-hitting modern journalists remain undaunted, and the search for proof of time-travellers continues apace. Now I can announce that I have categorical proof that Charles Chaplin himself was a time-traveller.

As the photograph below clearly proves, the Little Tramp travelled to the year 2010, heard people discussing his name, and thus learned that we were idiots enough to think for one minute that beings capable of time-travel would have any use for technology as primitive as a cell phone.

This explains why Chaplin is laughing at us.

Moreover, I have recently found categorical proof that Chaplin made no secret of his time-travelling exploits. Upon returning to 20th-century Hollywood, the great comedian shared the stories with his friends, often regaling fellow film stars with tales of 21st-century folly.

Here, we see Harpo Marx and three of his children
enjoying the story in 1954.

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