10 May 2014

Congress to Investigate ‘Ben Casey’

Kathy Nolan and Vince Edwards in Ben Casey.

WASHINGTON, DC -- Congresswoman Emily Litella (R-Mich.) today called for a full-scale investigation into the scandal surrounding Ben Casey, which she described as “an outrage,” “one of the most troubling developments of our time,” and symbolic of “the corruption at the heart of this lawless administration.”

“Americans have a right to know, they deserve to know, what the President knew about Ben Casey and when he knew it,” Litella told reporters. “And what about Vince Edwards? No one has heard from him on the subject of Ben Casey, not in years, not so much as a peep.”

Litella has repeatedly called for Edwards to testify before Congress, she said, “but this Administration continues to stonewall.” Litella said that President Obama has refused to answer any of the lingering questions about Ben Casey, or even to mention Ben Casey. “What is he trying to hide?”

“To refuse to come clean on an issue of such vital importance to every American is an outrage,” Litella said. “The American people won’t stand for that.”

Rep. Emily Litella (R-Mich.)

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the Administration has already told Congress everything it knows about Ben Casey, a CBS Television medical drama that aired from 1961–66. “The President agrees that the disappearance of Ben Casey is regrettable,” Carney said, “and his grandmother really loved the show. But it’s time for all Americans to move on.”

Litella also called for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify. “I don’t need to remind you that she’s got an unfortunate record when it comes to people named Vince,” the Congresswoman said.

While insisting that the investigation should be non-partisan and “above political considerations,” Litella pointed out that during Republican administrations Ben Casey was never attacked.

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