08 May 2010

There Are Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden

Les chatons sauvages
Naturally, the camera’s batteries died before the shyest of the litter emerged from the mirabelle lair.

Apart from the occasional meditation on the subject of Susan Graham’s nose, this blog has been notably lacking in cuteness. I apologize for that. As it happens, destiny has provided me with a remedy: my new neighbors, whose cuteness is indisputable and worthy of greater publicity.

Two of the local alley cats, having responded to their irresistible attraction (perhaps because they look exactly alike*), produced this litter of adorable kittens, a quartet. And they’ve made their home in a quiet corner of the garden here in Beynes, at the foot of a lilac bush.

All Hail Our New Overlords!

I can’t be certain how old the kittens are. One day, their mother wasn’t pregnant anymore. One night, I thought I heard mewing in the garden. Some days later, I saw the little imps frolicking under the mirabelle tree.

They’re timid creatures, where I’m concerned, so there’s been no question of picking them up and cuddling them, or even touching them. However, they are absolutely fearless with each other and the dandelions in the lawn. They practice pouncing, and they chase and wrestle with each other for long hours in the sun. This is especially cute if you don’t recall that they’re really just training to maim, kill, and eat other animals.

I’m not a cat person, but I do find them amusing to watch, and I’m hopeful to ease them soon into some home other than my garden, or the streets of Beynes.

*NOTE: Let’s just say that there appears to be an interesting family dynamic going on. So far, the father has been by to inspect his progeny only once. He didn’t seem impressed. The mother comes and goes, her demonstrations of devotion alternating with long absences and presumed indifference.

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GirlFromTexas said...

For a crusty old bachelor who refuses to settle down or to commit to any long term human relationship...this is all sounding suspiciously domestic.