18 February 2012

Vigne, la Révolution!

Nous sommes les Saint-Pourçain!

We are plucked from the vine when we are still tender, then we are crushed and forced to work for tyrannical overlords.

We are kicked out of our cellars and shipped around the world while they stay home and drink Coca-Cola.

We are made to listen to the idiotic things you say to each other over a glass of wine.

We are made to accompany inferior dishes prepared by substandard chefs.

We are even forced to swallow cheeses made from pasteurized milk.

And then you have the nerve to seize the time slot for our little wine fair in February and hand it over to the Cattle Show.

We are not savages. We are the Saint-Pourçain.

And we are not A-OK.*

Occupons la Foire des Vins!

(Actuellement Foire des Bovins. Merci.)

*NOTE: We are, of course, A.O.C. Thank you for respecting this small but important detail.

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