16 December 2007

Lyon in Wait

It really does look like this.

I leave shortly for Lyon, one of my favorite cities in France: great food, fascinating museums, a topnotch opera company, cool architecture, an inviting natural setting, et cetera. Wandering around the impeccably preserved historic district, Vieux Lyon, you can just picture François Rabelais, who made his home here and who first published Gargantua here. Though the city celebrates its native sons (including the Emperor Claudius and the author of Le petit prince, Antoine de St-Exupéry), it’s Rabelais’ spirit I feel most strongly here: and so I go for another meal. Bring on the wine!

I’ll have limited Internet access while I’m in Lyon, and so there won’t be any new blog postings for a few days. Perhaps more distressingly, I can’t find the charger for the batteries of my camera, so there may be very few pictures of this beautiful city to illustrate whatever reports I do eventually make. Zut, alors.