22 April 2009

The Curse of the Ring

The directors of the Metropolitan Opera wish to announce that the role of Brünnhilde in tonight’s performance of Götterdämmerung will be sung by Liselotte Wurmbein.

Miss Wurmbein replaces the previously announced singer, Bette Angostura, who sustained knee injuries in a polo match last weekend. Miss Angostura is the cover for Ännchen Faulheit, another previously announced singer in this role, who is ill. Miss Faulheit was slated to substitute for Tara B. Scott in tonight’s performance; Miss Scott, who is suffering from food poisoning, had been the announced substitute for Eva Harrington, who has laryngitis and who was to substitute for a previously announced singer, Fiamma d’Inganno. Operagoers are encouraged to contact the police with any relevant information leading to Miss d’Inganno’s recovery.

Miss d’Inganno replaced a previously announced substitute, Gudrun Lautschreier (picnic, lightning), who was engaged to appear after Angela Gheorghiu, making a role debut as Brünnhilde this season, suddenly remembered that she plans to wash her hair this evening. Originally announced for tonight’s performance was Birgit Nilsson, who passed away in 2005. Why does no one bother to tell us these things?

A graduate of the Copacabana Conservatory, Miss Wurmbein is best known for her portrayal of a Flower Maiden in Parsifal, winning acclaim from German critics, including her mother. Born in Düsseldorf, she can be found in the Yellow Pages under the listing “Sopranos, Wagnerian.”

Please enjoy this evening’s performance.


(av)Uncle(ular) Peter said...

Ms. Wurmbein bears a stunning resemblance to.......dare I say it?.......Susan Boyle!

William V. Madison said...

As I said the other day, there's plenty of room in Opera World for anyone with the looks and talent of a Susan Boyle!