12 April 2009

Holidays Around the World

Some lucky child has pâqued her Oyster Basket to the brim!

Most cultures celebrate springtime renewal with a religious holiday or festival. Some of these celebrations are more obscure than others.

For example, in many countries it’s said that, each year at this time, the Oyster Bunny rises out of the sea, distributing gifts to all the unshellfish little boys and girls.

A French woman in a typical Oyster Bonnet

Of course, other cultures observe dietary restrictions that don’t permit the eating of shellfish. This is the reason behind an even earlier tradition, in which the men and women of the community line up, facing each other, and then begin to throw fresh fish in the air. This holiday is known as Bass Over.


Girl From Texas said...

you are too funny. I realized when I read this that I actually miss your hideous constant punning - it used to drive me crazy in jr high

(av)Uncle(ular) Peter said...

Actually, isn't that woman in the bonnet actually, Erika Satie, who lost the naming battle with her brother Erik for the (soon to be renamed) "(Oyster) Parade"?

Ruth said...

Oh my - your Madison blood is showing a bit thickly today!!
Love, Ruth & Kathy

Anne said...

This post will live, wherever people celebrate Oyster or Bass Over...and especially when it occurs over the same weekend, there is something fishy going on...