24 April 2008

Update: Wharton Wins Reprieve

Look at that face. How could you possible refuse her anything?

According to this morning’s New York Times, the Edith Wharton Restoration has been granted an additional month to raise the funds to continue to maintain the author’s home in the Berkshires, The Mount. That means we have until May 24 to pledge our contributions.

This really is a Frank Capra situation here. Remember in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, when Jimmy Stewart proposes to fund a national summer camp with the pocket change of children? If we all chip in a little teeny bit, we can win. Please click on this link now.

I’ll bet you thought I was going to quote one of her books, in order to try to persuade you. But no, I rely instead on pop culture and the rhetoric of Capra. I’m tricky that way.