28 August 2011

Exclusive: Joyce DiDonato Takes Up Macramé!

Quick Study:
The stylish sweater Joyce models here is just one
of her many macramé creations.
Among her other talents: Making me feel the way she looks here.

Having conquered so many of the arts already — music, acting, photography, writing, and cinnamon rolls — it was only a matter of time before Joyce DiDonato turned to something new. Well, she’s found it, a completely different outlet for her creative energies, and it’s my exclusive privilege to share the results with you.

Macramé, or knotting yarn to create textiles, is a time-honored art, believed to have arisen in the Arab world in the 13th century. It gained widespread interest in the United States during the 1970s, when macramé belts, vests, handbags, and other accessories frequently turned up in fashion magazines.

During her spare time, Joyce started out small, with this cute little macramé bookmark.

Next, Joyce tried something larger-scale: this classic 1970s-style macramé wall hanging — perfect for anyone’s off-campus den.

Now Joyce was ready to go three-dimensional: wearable art! This comfy macramé vest is the result.

By this time, Joyce was ready to give free rein to her self-expression. Having spent so much time in France lately, she devised a macramé project that would allow her to make a personal statement about a nation that has welcomed her so warmly and so often.

Not bad for a beginner, eh? Honestly, I’m not pleased with the texture, which is perhaps the most significant feature of any macramé project, and I’ve suggested that she use a thicker grade of yarn in the future, possibly one of the many artisanal, unbleached wools that are gaining in popularity now. But she gets points for trying. Keep at it, kid!

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