30 September 2011

NJ Gov. Christie Has Not Ruled Out Sweaty, Red-Faced, Short-of-Breath Run for Presidency

TRENTON -- In a speech this week at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s appearance fueled hopes among some voters and party officials that the Republican may make be reconsidering his decision to make a sweaty, red-faced, short-of-breath run for the White House.

So far, Christie has denied, often humorously, that he might make a wheezing, laborious entry into the race for the Republican nomination. But sources close to the Governor say he is reconsidering, and has not yet categorically ruled out a ponderous, tsunami-triggering belly-flop jump into the campaign.

“For those many Republicans dissatisfied with the current roster of candidates, Chris Christie is intriguing,” political analyst Jenny Craig said. “The humongous, sagging bulk of his positions are far to the left of the other candidates at this moment, while early polling indicates that he could easily crush his opponents in Iowa and New Hampshire, and indeed just about anywhere else in 2012.”

A Christie associate has told The New York Times that the Governor has made preliminary phone calls to donors, party operatives, and takeout restaurants. While Christie has said that he would require a tremendous amount of heavy-duty, extra-reinforced support, the response so far may have prompted Christie to reevaluate tossing his sweat-stained hat into the ring.

“The recurring question is, ‘How can I get in on the ground floor of this campaign?’” the associate told the Times. “The answer is, there is no ground floor yet.”

As a result, say observers, Christie would be compelled to take the elevator.

“Stairs are out of the question,” former NJ Governor Thomas Kean said.

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